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After the pigeons become familiar with the feeding spot, place the pigeon trap over the feed. Bait the pigeon trap with a trail of grain on the outside of the trap and leading into the entrance door. Make sure you bait the inside the perimeter of the pigeon trap so the pigeons can find it. Place a bamboo cane through the side of the trap and push the drop down bars to the roof of the trap, pass the cane under the bars to support them in the up position, leave the trap baited until the pigeons get acustomed to feeding inside the trap, when you are ready to trap the pigeons remove the cane to allow the setting bars to fall vertically.

. Check your pigeon trap daily. The pigeons are removed by opening the small door on the top of the trap to assist capture removal. The feral pigeon trap is ideal for rapid trapping of pigeons in built up areas in towns and cities and are currently in use by many pest control companies and local authorities throughout the UK and Europe

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