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Humane mouse traps

multi catch mouse trap

Multi catch mouse trap, a humane mouse trap, a live catch mouse trap, our multi catch mouse trap can catch up to thirty mice

10"x6"x2" approx


Multi catch mouse trap, a humane mouse trap, a live catch mouse trap, our multi catch mouse trap can catch up to thirty mice

multi catch mouse trap open

Place the bait (chocolate) in the center of the mouse trap

Mouse Trap, an effective solution to mouse infestations, trapping mice unlike poisoning, you know how many mice have been caught. The mice don't crawl off to die in agony. Dead mice that have been poisoned are still a problem, as they decompose mice can stink, other animals feed on the poisoned mice, this predation can kill or seriously harm predators such as foxes, birds of prey, dogs, cats and the like

Choosing where to put your mouse trap is a major step. You'll want to place the mouse trap where you believe the mice will be, try to keep the mouse trap out of direct sunlight (so the captured mouse / mice don't expire before you check the mouse trap, it's a bit point less and dam right cruel to go to the expense of purchasing a humane live catch mouse trap just to let them suffer needlessly and then die! )

wind up mouse trap

10"x6"x5" the wind up mouse trap, our windup mouse trap can catch up to fifteen mice, ideal for use were other food is still available to the mice, aviaries, chicken runs as this mouse trap requires no baiting.


Place your mouse trap along skirting boards, under kitchen units ( our multi catch mouse trap above is ideal for this) in corners ( where the wall meets the floor ) under and behind furniture are good mouse trap locations. Mice dislike open areas and are drawn to the relative darkness near walls and other objects. You need places where other "inhabitants" ( cats, dogs, children, auntie Lil etc. ) aren't likely to set off the mouse traps, but also places that aren't too hard for you to check on, and retrieve the mouse traps from. Try finding the holes from which the mice are entering your rooms, and placing the mouse traps as close as possible. The spaces around the entry points of pipe work, or gaps between the skirting and the floor are favorite placesto put your mouse trap.


First, bait the mouse trap not always necessary with the multicatch mouse trap and not needed with the wind up run through mouse trap. You don't need a great big piece, just a bit about the size of a sugar lump, or for those that can't remember or haven't seen one about a 1cm cube. You're not providing a three course meal for them, just something that smells good, to attract them to the mouse trap. When placing the mouse traps, try not to touch things in the area any more than absolutely necessary, or to introduce anything that might carry your scent. You want to mice to smell the bait, not you. And place the mouse traps so that the openings are as close to the wall as possible. Every morning and at least once per day check your mouse traps.


If you're using one of our "humane live catch mouse traps" ( I hope you are ), you'll have a live mouse ( or hopefully lots of mice ) running around inside inside your mouse trap. Don't just launch them over next doors back fence, mice can very easily find their way back to your home. Instead, take them on a little holiday, a nice drive in the country perhaps and find a spot at least half a mile away from your house ( this spot should not be someone else's house or garden, unless you want even more hassle than just mice).







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