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Many people prefer to scare birds away,. The most common way of doing this is by positioning decoy birds of prey on the building. The results by using this method vary. Some find that their problem is solved immediately and the birds never come back, others find a small reduction in bird numbers.Correct positioning is essential to success and turning the owl once a week does seem to give better results


Owl decoy 20" approx.


Magpie Decoy
Used to scare off smaller birds can be hung from fishing line or fixed to a small cane

magpie decoy

Magpie Decoy


Hawk decoy used to scare pigeons and smaller birds, Our hawk decoy is best positioned above a large doorway to prevent smaller birds entering the building or placed on top of a tall bamboo cane threaded through the centre of a tree to scare birds from your fruit.


Hawk decoy

The hawk decoy relies partly on the shadow of its body and wings on the ground to scare birds as well as its outline in the sky. This Flying Hawk or Kestrel must be suspended from a suitable pole, open tree branch or fishing line above the target area to prove effective



we can not guarantee in any way that your bird problem will be solved using decoys.







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